Introducing, I am Melissa and I am an architect, style tutor and also a researcher. Since I have been working in Home Design since 2005. Prior to this I worked in my own practice and in architectural offices. I ‘ve taught design at Victoria. I also worked for architectural magazine.

At present, I am writing write about architecture, technology, urban design, and architectural history. I see architecture as a domain, which needs study that is future driven and directly challenges the problems that architects encounter.

My study is continuously focused on the architectural design and sociology of architecture. Previously, I have published research about some 1960s architectures. I have also presented papers about biometrics and agent based technologies. Currently, I am working on my PhD thesis on avant-garde architects.

Apart from working as an architect, food and traveling are another interest of mine. Traveling gives me more knowledge on architecture as well as the native people. Yes, I always love food hunting. It is another great thing that I enjoy during my travel next to the building hunting. Traveling has given me more insight on designing.

I am so into Asian architecture recently, the East Asian architecture especially. To have more time in observing the architecture, I am traveling to some East Asian countries at the moment. It is so exciting to be able to observe closely those incredible palaces or older houses.

When I am not traveling or working, I love to spend my days at the beach, running or taking photographs. Sunset and sunrise are always fascinating objects for photography. You will never know that one day one of those photos will give you a great idea for designing. I guess nature is my inspiration for my work.